Fine Art, Graphic Design & Photography

Artist Statement

​Although I’ve been painting with different medium for many years, watercolour is the feeder I keep coming back to because of the incredible range of hues and tones you can produce.  While watercolour can be challenging to use, it is one of the most beautiful media for creating anything from subtle blends to bold & vibrant punches of colour.  Watercolour really does has a life of its own though…sometimes you have to stop trying to control it, and trust that the magic will happen, or it won’t.  Lately, I have been focussing on creating a story with my images that is told through the use of colour, tone and lines. Each painting has its own narrative that I try to pull out through the use of these elements, finding the beauty even in the most well-used or run-down pieces of our past. I found that I love to paint things that are worn or weather beaten, even decrepit.  Perhaps its knowing that recreating it in this way highlights the history of the piece/place, or breathes some life back into it.

Anyhow, enough about me. Please check out my gallery to review of a sample of my artwork collection!  

Mike Moyer
Artist & Creative Designer